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New software for the M200 power supply

Swagelok Co. has released new software for its Swagelok® welding system M200 power supply to deliver increased performance in an updated graphical interface.

Polysoude keeps track

Polysoude has developed a device enabling all the welding parameters for any weld performed to be saved and stored.

OrbiLog software

The OrbiLog software package has been designed to allow QA/QC engineers to keep track of welds performed when installing stainless steel process pipelines.

Welding parameter storage

Polysoude has developed a device to save and store all the welding parameters for any weld performed.

Sulzer deploys web-based software

Sulzer Pumps has deployed a private branded version of its ePUMP-FLO web-based software, named SulzerSelect.

Get a complete picture

Orbimatic's ORBIMAT C range of orbital TIG welding power supplies provides a total picture of the job.

Swagelok software

Swagelok® independent sales and service centres offer a complete line of eBusiness solutions to help end-customers research, specify, and purchase Swagelok fluid system components.

Stelco orders annealing controls

Stelco Inc. will install a CAPS V5 Suite software package at its Hilton Works batch annealing operation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Annealing optimisation

International Steel Group (ISG) has selected V5 Suite Annealing Optimisation Software from Entec Systems International, Inc. for its Indiana Harbor facility.

“Virtual corrosion laboratoryâ€?

InterCorr International, an international provider of corrosion testing, monitoring and consulting services and software has formed a licensing arrangement with OLI Systems Inc. of Morristown, New Jersey. Under the terms of this agreement, InterCorr will be creating a “Virtual Corrosion Laboratoryâ€?...