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AvestaPolarit AB receives environmental award

AvestaPolarit’s freight transportation with Green Cargo has won a prize.

First chemical tanker order from China

AvestaPolarit's Hot Rolled Plate business unit in Degerfors has received an order for hot-rolled plate that will be used to manufacture tanks for a chemical tanker due to be built in China.

AvestaPolarit commissions new mill

AvestaPolarit has recently installed and commissioned another Sendzimir cold rolling mill in Sheffield, UK.

AvestaPolarit to close Wales factory

Outokumpu's stainless steel subsidiary AvestaPolarit has announced its intention to close its Panteg plant in Wales, UK, at the end of March 2004.

Stainless bridge wins award

Sicklauddsbron (Bridge Apaté), a stainless steel bridge that spans the Sickla Canal in the Hammarby Sjöstad area of Stockholm, has received the European Steel Design Award.

Future bright for specialist metal group

The future of the South Yorkshire metals industry is bright according to the Special Metals Information Group (SMIG).

Explosive fire at Tornio

An oxygen gas pipe broke for a still unknown reason at AvestaPolarit's Tornio melt shop line number 2.

Everest Trek for charity

Chris Baxter, from AvestaPolarit’s Applications and Technical Support Department, is going to Nepal at the end of February 2004 to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy charity, Scope.

AvestaPolarit to become Outokumpu Stainless

Outokumpu has decided to align all its businesses under the Outokumpu brand, for which a renewed concept as well as a new visual identity will be developed.

AvestaPolarit orders surface inspection systems

Cognex Corp. has earned an order for two Cognex SmartView Metals surface-inspection systems from AvestaPolarit, for installation at their Meadowhall plant in Sheffield, England