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HFT trailing shields

UK-based Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd (HFT) is now able to provide a wide range of trailing shields to fit any make of TIG (GTAW), MIG or Plasma (PAW) welding torch for manual or automatic welding.

Free Weld Purging Guide

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd, has written a “Guide to Weld Purging” to help all welders, quality control and management personnel to understand what is involved with Weld Purging and how to carry out the work in the most economical and technically effective way possible.

HFT sales hit all time high

Sales of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd’s (HFT) Tungsten Electrode Grinders have hit an all time high. Mike Dunn, Marketing Manager for the company reported that orders were received from all corners of the world, as customers became more aware of the advantages of this workshop tool and took advantage of its many features and benefits.

Preventing unseen weld failures

The latest Titanium Purge Monitor from HFT (Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd) incorporates a universal cut-off feature for interlocking with automatic or manual TIG/GTAW welding equipment.

Purge monitor solves welding problems

Condaire Inc. (St Louis, Missouri, USA), had problems with the purging of critical stainless steel pipework, with welds oxidising in spite of following correct weld procedures.

Huntingdon to move

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd, manufacturers of weld purging accessories, pipe stoppers, Tungsten Grinders and the Multi Strike Tungsten Electrodes, will be leaving its Huntingdon home on 19 December 2001 and relocating to Burry Port in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Titanium welding purge monitor

What is thought to be the only Welding Purge Monitor designed specifically for the welding of Titanium has been developed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd.

Trailing shields from Titanium welding

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd has developed a range of such trailing shields for welding.

Welding enclosures

For the welding of titanium as well as other metals like stainless steel, Zirconium and its alloys, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd has developed a range of welding enclosures, so that welding can take place in an inert argon gas environment to eliminate all oxygen, hydrogen and water vapour.

Longer lasting tungsten electrodes

The Multi Strike™ Tungsten Welding Electrodes from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd were originally introduced to provide the marketplace with non-radioactive and non-carcinogenic tungstens for improved health and safety and increased life. They have now undergone a new development.