Trailing shields from Titanium welding

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd has developed a range of such trailing shields for welding. The affinity of hot titanium and its alloys for gases such as oxygen nitrogen and hydrogen means that inert gas shielding is essential during welding. When large titanium components and structures have to be welded and it is not possible to put them into an argon enclosure, the welding torch can be equipped with a Trailing Shield to keep the welded joint and heat-affected zone under an argon shield longer, allowing faster welding and minimising the risk of oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement.
Typical applications for Argweld® Trailing Shields include welding of gas turbine and aeroengine housings and components, titanium pipes for onshore and offshore pipeline and riser applications, titanium components for racing car structures, titanium tanks and vessels for the petrochemical industry, medical components and so on.

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