Sandvik develops new filler material for 13Cr pipe

Sandvik Steel has developed a super duplex filler metal which matches the properties of 13% chromium super martensitic stainless steel used for pipelines in the oil and gas industries. Seen by Sandvik as a major breakthrough, the new filler metal, a variant of the super duplex grade Sandvik 25.10.4.L, has been produced with a controlled and low hydrogen level thereby reducing the risk of cracking in the weld. Developed to provide a consumable with precise composition to match the properties of the parent metal, Sandvik has been able to make full use of its research and metallurgical resources and its control of material processing, from steel melt through to the finished consumable, in order to minimise the hydrogen content. The new consumable can be used for MIG welding with excellent weldability and weld deposit properties. In addition to its excellent general corrosion resistance, 25.10.4.L has high resistance to pitting and good resistance to stress corrosion cracking in sulphur bearing environments. Independent testing with 13% chrome pipe indicated that in use the new Sandvik 25.10.4.L with low hydrogen gave less spatter than wire from competitors, tolerates a larger oscillation width, faster pulsing and longer arc length and has good edge wetting characteristics.