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Experimenting with welding superduplex without filler metal

The main reason for using lean duplex is its significant resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking because of its dual phases.

Raccortubi acquires Petrol Raccord

On 24th December, Raccortubi, leading stockholder, manufacturer and supplier of piping materials, completed the acquisition of Petrol Raccord S.p.A., manufacturer of butt weld fittings for the oil & gas, power generation and petrochemical industries, in a deal to expand Raccortubi Group’s production range.Established in 1969, Petrol Raccord manufactures butt weld fittings up to 56â€?, almost without wall thickness limitations, and holds an impressive number of end-user approvals, as well as quality certification for the nuclear industry.

Sandvik develops new filler material for 13Cr pipe

Sandvik Steel has developed a super duplex filler metal which matches the properties of 13% chromium super martensitic stainless steel used for pipelines in the oil and gas industries.