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Latest advanced technology for the welding of stainless steel

Stainless steel is popular compared to other metals, its valuable characteristics, resistance to different kinds of liquid, chemical and gaseous corrosion.

ESAB introduces cobot for MIG welding applications

ESAB has introduced its first cobot, or collaborative robot, for MIG and pulsed MIG welding applications on steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

ESAB introduces HRF2400 Pro flowmeter regulator

Victor®, an ESAB® brand, has introduced the HRF2400 Pro flowmeter regulator calibrated for CO2, argon, or mixed gas blends used for TIG, MIG, and...

The welding characteristics of stainless steels

Anyone taking a stroll at the Downtown Palm Beach Gardens in Florida is in for a treat: they are greeted by giant colourful stainless steel flowers. We spoke with the artist behind the installation: Dan Shaughnessy IV.

Xiris releases Audio AI tool for welding audio signals

Xiris Automation has released its Artificial Intelligence tool to process welding audio signals. The Audio AI tool will allow fabricators to teach an acceptable...

Xiris releases XVC-S100 Weld Camera

Xiris Automation has released the XVC-S100 Weld Camera, its new all-digital welding camera for Submerged Arc applications. The XVC-S100 has been designed to meet fabricators’...

Pacemakers & welding; do you know the risks?

Welders may not be aware that working in the presence of welding machines, which produce pulsing magnetic or electromagnetic fields, can affect the performance of heart pacemakers. Robert Shaw from TWI outlines the risks.

The effects of post-weld cleaning techniques on the corrosion resistance of...

The effects of post-weld cleaning techniques on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel

CWC-S Cobot welding cell from Fronius for SMEs

Nowadays, reproducible welding quality and complete welding data documentation are the state of the art. But if welding takes place manually, these demands cannot...

Orbital welding in High and Ultra High Purity environments

Achieving ASTM G48 Corrosion test at 40°C on super duplexAfter more than a year of operating under its new corporate strategy developed in 2021, theLindlar (Germany) based high-quality special steel specialist Schmidt + Clemens is firmlyfocusing on sustainability.