One-piece pressure sensor stands the heat

Sequoia is to offer a new generation of compact, high-level output, 0-5V DC pressure transducers, with built-in electronics and an operating temperature up to 120C. The announcement follows the signing of an agreement between Sequoia Technology Sensors Division and Paine Electronics. The all-in-one design of the new Paine Electronics transducers helps reduce installation costs, increases reliability, and costs less than comparable two-piece units. The hermetically sealed transducer is approximately 16mm in diameter by 50mm long, including electrical connector. It is built of stainless steel to withstand environmental extremes while delivering accurate readings. It is available in pressure ranges from 0-250 to 10,000lb/in2 in absolute or sealed pressure. Custom configurations are also available. Under the new agreement with Sequoia, the Paine Electronics range of pressure transducers will be supported in Europe by Sequoia Technology Sensors Division. Paine Electronics sensors support some of the most demanding applications in the world, including satellites, oil well data logging and oceanographic equipment.
To withstand extreme environments, Paine transducers are built with special alloys to ensure longevity and reliability. For example, Inconel 718 alloy provides stability and is extensively used in the miniature downhole pressure transducer where H2S and other harsh fluids exist in well-logging environments. Titanium is used in the oceanographic transducers due to its compatibility with seawater. The titanium sensing elements enable these transducers to provide extremely accurate measurements with virtually no hysteresis. For applications where adverse weather, intense vibration or electromagnetic interference might occur, hermetically sealed stainless steel casings protect the internal instrumentation.

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