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Nippon Yakin Kogyo: from strength to strength with high-performance alloys

For almost a century, Nippon Yakin Kogyo (Nippon Yakin) has produced stainless steel and high-end nickel alloys.

Eramet forecast growth in Q3 2021, and EBITDA revised

Eramet provides updates on its strong growth in Q3 2021 turnover and the revised forecast EBITDA.

Featured Story – Langley Alloys: striding confidently into the future

With over eighty years of experience, Langley Alloys provides a range of high-performance duplex and super duplex stainless steels, nickel-based alloys, and unique copper-nickel alloys for the harshest of conditions, whether it’s for sub-sea systems at great depths, oil and gas industry components operating under intense pressures, or the aggressive environments found within modern chemical plants. Stainless Steel World News last interviewed company members in November 2018.

Casting upgrade welding – requirements, techniques and concepts

The world of fusion welding has effected many industries and fabrication opportunities worldwide. Countless industrial items are assembled using a vast number of different welding techniques governed by numerous rules, codes and norms. Casting upgrade welding is a very specialised series of operations. The casting process offers a unique opportunity as the casting is an economic preform. Weld upgrade is inherent to the process.

Ultrasound can help make 3D-printed alloys stronger

Researchers have used sound vibrations to shake metal alloy grains into the tighter formation during 3D printing. A new study shows high-frequency sound waves can have a significant impact on the inner microstructure of 3D printed alloys, making them more consistent and stronger than those printed conventionally.Lead author and Ph.D.

UK Based S&N is an Independent Stainless Steel Supplier

UK-based S&N Stainless is a stockholder and supplier of a whole range of stainless steel items.

Machining tough alloys

A direct-drive spindle motor and linear guideways on a milling centre enable high speed metalcutting, but that configuration does not lend itself to efficient machining of highly alloyed nickels like Inconel or Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steels. A UK-based company recently searched for a better solution.

High-temp Nickel alloys & stainless steels for concentrated solar power

Nickel-based alloys and nickel-containing stainless are playing key roles in an emerging source of renewable energy known as thermal solar plants or concentrated solar power (CSP). The use of nickel-based alloys and nickel-containing stainless has enabled the solar power industry to overcome challenges in heat transfer and thermal storage technology.

Keeping the bottle lines flowing…

The food and beverage packing & bottling industries operate under strict hygiene rules, known as High-Purity Standards. Meeting these standards demands unrelenting attention to detail and exacting levels of expertise. Krones AG supplies filling and packaging systems to the global food industry and today fills or labels a quarter of all bottles sold in the world.

Metallurgical selection for piping in the process industry

Many industrial accepted standards for pressure design address all aspects of piping design for chemical plants and refineries; none discuss all of the considerations for metallurgical selection. These code standards do list materials that are acceptable for use in chemical plants and refineries.This paper discusses some but not all of the resources that a designer can reference in properly selecting materials for an application.