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Phoenix Tube invest USD 8.1M to expand Bethlehem plant

Phoenix Tube Co. has committed USD 8.1M to expand its Bethlehem operations.

ATI signs a multi-year agreement with GKN Aerospace

ATI Inc. has reached a new multi-year agreement with GKN Aerospace to supply high-value titanium materials used in the manufacture of commercial and military airframes.

Nippon Steel develops TranTixxii™-Eco

Nippon Steel Corporation (Nippon Steel) has developed the world's first Eco-friendly Commercially Pure Titanium, TranTixxii™-Eco, and has started supplying it to Snow Peak.

Titanium/stainless composite a longlasting roofing solution

A composite panel of titanium, resin and stainless steel called ALPOLIC/fr TCM has been selected for the roof of the Yangtze River International Conference Center.

Titanium/stainless composite a longlasting roofing solution

Nippon Steel’s TranTixxii and NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation’s NSSC220M have been selected for the roof of an international conference centre in Jiangsu, China. Text...

ITA lauds successful completion of Grade 12 update

The International Titanium Association’s Industrial Applications Committee has confirmed that the project to update Titanium Grade 12 requirements for the ISO15156/NACE MRO175 specification has...

Titanium helps prevent chromium carbides in austenitic stainless steel

Alloying austenitic stainless steel with strong carbide-forming elements such as titanium can avoid the precipitation of chromium carbides. By Sabine Friederichs, Technical University of Clausthal,...

Setting off shockwaves in global titanium industry

This article is a compilation of recent news stories, press releases and company statements regarding the effects on the international titanium industry due to...