Tag: Inconel 718

ExOne certifies Inconel 718 as Third-Party Qualified

The ExOne Company announced that the nickel-based alloy Inconel 718 has been certified as Third-Party Qualified, the company’s highest designation of material readiness for its metal 3D printers.

ExOne announces the addition of 15 composite materials

The ExOne Company announced that 15 new metal, ceramic and composite materials have been qualified by ExOne and its customers for 3D printing on the company’s family of metal 3D printers.

Pressure sensor for hazardous areas

American Sensor Technologies Inc. offers the AST4310 Pressure Sensor for measurement of gases and liquids in extremely harsh environments.

One-piece pressure sensor stands the heat

Sequoia is to offer a new generation of compact, high-level output, 0-5V DC pressure transducers, with built-in electronics and an operating temperature up to 120C.

Tackling superalloys

A research project at Cranfield University has employed Holroyd's superabrasive Edgetek machines to achieve significant breakthroughs when machining nickel-based superalloys.