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Major Alleima order for advanced tubes & umbilicals

Alleima has received a major order for advanced tubes; umbilicals, for the oil and gas customer segment, to a total value of approximately SEK...

Tubes and pipes benefitting from high-growth industries

The current economic uncertainty has left the tube, pipes and fittings sector relatively unscathed.

Seamless tubes from Zwahlen & Mayr

Zwahlen & Mayr, a Swiss manufacturer of stainless steel welded and redrawn precision tubes, is looking forward to presenting its latest development at Stainless...

Sandvik receives tubular order for energy industry

Sandvik Materials Technology has received a large order for advanced tubes for the energy segment. The order was booked in the fourth quarter 2019 and is valued at about SEK550 M with deliveries scheduled as from the first half of 2020.

Productivity boosting tubes for high temperature applications

Reduction of overall maintenance costs for critical equipments have been the need of the hour for many high temperature applications.The service conditions seen in many high-temperature applications are extremely aggressive and harsh. The lifespan for a high-temperature component is often relatively short compared to applications at “normal” temperatures.

A wealth of experience in manufacturing at Nas Toa

The company Nas Toa Co. Ltd., a member of the Nippon Yakin Kogyo group, has considerable experience in the manufacture of welded stainless steel and high-performance alloyed pipes and tubes. Here they share some of the technical knowledge they have gained in perfecting these products.

Back in time: The history of tubes

If you put a search for tube or pipe into the web there is a an avalanche of information which makes you start to realise how dependant our way of life is on something with a hole in it that carries any sort of medium.

Russia cuts import duty on stainless

The Russian government has decreased the special duty on imports of stainless steel tubes and pipes. Tubes and pipe with an outside diameter of up to 426mm inclusive have decreased from 28.1% to 9.9%, but not less than USD 1500/mt.

Stainless in auto manufacture

Austenitic stainless steel, which are well known for their excellent corrosion resistance, also exhibit a combination of outstanding characteristics, which make them particularly attractive in the automotive field.

Steribore tubes supply Belgian plant

Global Stainless (Cork, Ireland) has completed the contract to supply the large Genzyme project in Belgium with Steribore High Purity stainless steel tubes and fittings.