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The Polysoude TIGer – burning bright in Industry

Polysoude has found the eye of the TIGer in its latest cladding technology and is proud to highlight its features and main fields of application. In this system, Polysoude has built on the main principle of Hot Wire Technology, being the preheating of filler material to reduce the quantity of energy taken from the electrical arc required to melt the filler, assuring increased productivity of cladding speed and deposition rate. In addition to the pre-heated filler wire, TIGer incorporates a unique system of two tungsten electrodes in tandem configuration.

Polysoude to hold open days in Nantes

Polysoude will be holding open days at its Nantes headquarters on 23 and 25 June 2015. Over the two days, the company will be presenting its latest developments in the fields of welding and weld overlay cladding using the TIG and TIGer (GTAW) process.

Polysoude workshop at World Nuclear Exhibition

Polysoude, the welding and cladding solutions company for the civil nuclear industry took part in the World Nuclear Exhibition held at Paris Le Bourget in October. Polysoude organised a special workshop entitled 'Solutions for the construction and maintenance by automated TIG welding solutions', which was attended by around 30 people from France and other countries.

POLYSOUDE professionalises its training service

Polysoude offers training solutions for the welding industry aiming to strengthen customer support, by giving its clients a way to develop their expertise to help them get the most out of their Polysoude equipment.

Polysoude opens new Brazil office

newsitemFollowing the Brazil Welding show 2011, Polysoude has announced that it has officially opened its new sales office in Sao Paulo.

TIG Hot Wire process on tour

In order to introduce the benefits of the TIG Hot Wire process to a wider public, POLYSOUDE will tour the world, demonstrating these new applications to welding specialists. Demonstrations will take place in the United Kingdom, France, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the USA and Japan.

Polysoude offers high-tech weld heads

Polysoude has created new, more productive and ergonomic high tech weld heads, setting a new technological standard for automated orbital TIG welding. The new orbital welding heads make tube to tubesheet welding and tube-tube welding especially easy for the operator.

Tig or plasma seam welding

Mechanised and orbital welding company Polysoude of France has tailored a welding solution for a Russian company to bring safe, quality production practices together with short delivery schedules while keeping costs under control.

Polysoude welding solution

France-based Polysoude has tailored a welding solution for a Russian supplier of pressure-vessels to bring in line the required productivity and security that the company desires.

Polysoude forging ahead

Polysoude has announced that it has posted its financial results.