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Orbital welding in High and Ultra High Purity environments

Achieving ASTM G48 Corrosion test at 40°C on super duplexAfter more than a year of operating under its new corporate strategy developed in 2021, theLindlar (Germany) based high-quality special steel specialist Schmidt + Clemens is firmlyfocusing on sustainability.

Polysoude as exclusive distributor of Banner Industries

Polysoude SAS announced that it has partnered with Banner Industries, Inc. as an exclusive distributor for high purity industries & fusion welding for the US, Singapore & Malaysia.

Polysoude develops communicative power sources

The regulations and standards governing the tube sector demand ever more restricting levels of quality from the manufacturers.

Cooling towers: When experts work together…

Hamon d’Hondt manufactures finned tubes for cooling towers, welded tubes of all types, cooling towers, air condensers, energy savers, air and fume heaters, etc. It has been asked to produce cooling tower systems destined for a gas-fired power plant at Fadhili. This colossal project, awarded to Saudi Aramco, is an entirely new development to be built 30 km west of Jubail, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

New compact welding head

The users of orbital welding equipment know the range of closed welding heads from Polysoude type MW for high productivity applications without filler wire, combining a compact and ergonomic design with high duty cycle.

Polysoude Sales Awards 2018

On 26th March, 2018, Polysoude organised the second edition of the Polysoude Sales Awards at the company headquarters in Nantes.

TIG welding in the Oil & Gas industry

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), commonly known as tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), has always been considered to be a particularly complicated joining process.

Technovation 2016 event by Polysoude India

More than 100 participants took part in the Polysoude India Technovation 2016 event, during which the Polysoude India team gave live demonstrations in orbital welding, automated Narrow Groove welding and weld overlay cladding, in their brand new showroom.

Polysoude exhibits its expertise

The years 2015 and early 2016 have been a period of dialogue and sharing of ideas for Polysoude and its customers. Through various events, Polysoude has shown its willingness to listen to the needs of its industrial partners.

ITER chooses narrow gap assemblies

The ITER project represents a unique challenge for the assembly of workpieces, particularly on site, due to required precision after assembly and the quality (zero defects). Narrow Gap TIG Hot Wire welding appears as one of the essential techniques for joining these kinds of parts with such large wall thicknesses, as far as on-site assembly is concerned.