Polysoude welding solutions

Polysoude offers an extensive product range to cater to the diverse joining needs. Closed orbital welding heads are utilised for autogenous welding of small tubes with thin walls, guaranteeing exceptional precision. Open orbital welding heads are designed for pipes with larger diameters and thicker walls, enabling multi-layer welding with the addition of filler wire. The company’s innovative Hot Wire TIG welding and Narrow Gap TIG welding technologies enhance productivity.

Furthermore, Polysoude has developed orbital welding heads specifically for the assembly of heat exchangers, enabling seamless joining of tubes to tubesheets. Polysoude has ventured into new territory to meet the demanding requirements of cleanroom operations, particularly in the semiconductor manufacturing sector. The company ensures that all components used in the gas supply system, such as tubes, valves, flanges, and tees, are joined, manufactured and packed in a cleanroom.

The welds produced during manufacturing and installation must be flawlessly smooth, without any defects or heat tinting. Polysoude’s closed welding heads of the UHP type (Ultra High Purity) have been designed to prioritise welding quality and suitability for cleanroom purposes. These models are air-cooled and can weld tube diameters ranging from 1/4″ to 1″.

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