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Pumps and valves for industrial cleaning

Tyco Valves & Controls, a business unit of Tyco Engineered Products & Services, has installed all-stainless steel Hovap HP pumps and Tyco ball valves at JohnsonDiversey’s new industrial cleaning products manufacturing facility in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Monitoring steam trap performance

With the Swagelok integrated test valve assembly, you can visually observe condensate removal and monitor steam trap performance wherever steam heating systems and steam traps are used.

AVT chosen for sand removal package

AVT full port ball valves in 3 inch and 6 inch sizes have been selected by Statoil for use in a sand removal package.

Stainless valves and fittings

NeRo (Oldbury, UK) has published a 130-page catalogue showing a wide range of stainless steel valves, tubes, pipes and fittings.

Longer life for ball valves

Circor Instrumentation has introduced a high-cycle low-maintenance design into an increasing range of Hoke ball valves.

Heat exchanger from Omniaplant

Omniaplant SRL (Caravaggio, Bergamo, Italy) has produced a “double-pipeâ€? heat exchanger for grape must (dimensions 7100 x 1200 x h 2200 mm), whose purpose is to lower the temperature of the product from + 27/28 °C to + 5/6 °C, using glycols at a temperature of 0.5 °C.

PFA-lined ball valve for highest purity use

Corrosion Resistant Products (CRP) has introduced a new range of PFA-lined, stainless steel-bodied ball valves with a blow out-proof stem construction designed to be effective even in the unlikely event of the top works being dismantled in service.

Stainless steel encapsulation upgrade

The standard Forac Actuated Valve Assembly consists of a pneumatic actuator enclosed in a stainless steel dome with a base of polypropelene mounted to any of the 90-degree operating valves such as ball, butterfly or plug.

FCx Pegler & Louden to supply Asian pharmaceutical

FCx Pegler & Louden Ireland has secured the contract – through Jacobs Engineering’s Cork based design office – to supply carbon and stainless steel actuated packages for a pharmaceutical plant Jacobs will design and build in the Asia Pacific region.

BSS provides for climate change

The UK-based heating, piping and fittings distributor BSS is providing energy-efficient solutions through its Caradon Ideal Boilers and KITZ ball valves, designed to meet rapidly changing legal requirements and maintenance costs as a result of the recently introduced Climate Change Levy (CCL).