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TW metals appoints aerospace sales manager

Aerospace metals distributor TW Metals (Southampton, UK), has announced the appointment of John Brooks as Aerospace Sales Manager.

AmEuro expands

Messier Dowty, a UK-based manufacturer of aircraft and helicopter landing gears, has awarded AmEuro Metals BV (The Netherlands) a “supplier quality approval.â€? - Ameuro Metals is producing a new technical brochure.

Lockheed Martin wins fighter competition

The Pentagon has announced that an international team led by Lockheed Martin has won the competition to build the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), a stealthy, supersonic, multi-role fighter designed for the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as the UK Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

40th Annual Conference of Metallurgists

The Materials Performance and Integrity Section of CIM is organising two international symposia in conjunction with the 40th Annual Conference of Metallurgists, to be held in Montreal, Canada, on 11-14 August 2002.

Welding enclosures

For the welding of titanium as well as other metals like stainless steel, Zirconium and its alloys, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd has developed a range of welding enclosures, so that welding can take place in an inert argon gas environment to eliminate all oxygen, hydrogen and water vapour.