Stainless belts key to aircraft decoy system

Perforated stainless steel strips provided by Belt Technologies Europe are forming an essential component of highly sophisticated aircraft self-protection systems manufactured by Saab Tech Electronics AB. The company manufactures BOL electronic countermeasure dispensers with the latest system currently undergoing tests with the US Military. Belt Technologies has a ten-year working relationship with Saab Tech Electronics (previously Celsius Tech) and has played a important role in electronic countermeasure product development with particular emphasis on the role of the perforated steel strip as a drive mechanism in the dispenser.
The advantages of simple and reliable physical off-board decoy flares for combat aircraft to confuse the enemy and avoid target lock-ons have been brought home to the general public over recent years with the wide media coverage of world-wide hostilities. The effectiveness of such decoys continues to improve thanks to new pyrotechnic materials and methods of deployment. Central to effective deployment has been the design of the BOL countermeasure dispenser from Saab Tech Electronics, which has successfully built systems for aircraft such as the F14, Harrier Jump Jet and Saab Gripen.

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