Stronger stainless, lighter structures with duplex grades

Duplex and lean duplex meet the most demanding needs by offering a superior combination of high strength, corrosion resistance, and lowered life cycle costs. When weight matters or the environment poses a challenge, light, extremely durable, and maintenance-free duplex and lean duplex structural hollow sections are the ideal solutions.
Lean duplex grades have a combination of high yield strength and good elongation properties, giving them a distinctive and excellent energy absorption capacity.
Stalatube has tested the yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation of its EN 1.4162 and EN 1.4062 hollow sections in several sizes. All tested tubes showed a high yield strength (up to 785 MPa) and a high elongation to break (27.3 % A50). The latter is quite good considering the high tensile strength (up to 990 MPa).
The advantages of duplex-materials include: high strength enables lighter constructions; excellent corrosion resistance; improved stress corrosion cracking resistance; and steady price level based on low nickel content
Stalatube stocks roll formed hollow sections from 25x25x1.5 to 300x300x8 / 400x200x8 mm and press brake hollow sections up to 500x500x20 / 1000x1000x10 mm.
Duplex sheets and plates are available in the sizes: 3x1500x3000 mm, 4x1500x3000 mm, 5x1500x3000 mm and 6x1500x3000 mm.

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