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BAM and EnBW test corrosion protection on the high seas

Anyone taking a stroll at the Downtown Palm Beach Gardens in Florida is in for a treat: they are greeted by giant colourful stainless steel flowers. We spoke with the artist behind the installation: Dan Shaughnessy IV.

300 series vs. ferritic stainless steel – which should I choose?

Ferritic stainless steels have useful properties – a lower rate of thermal expansion, higher thermal conductivity, strong ferromagnetism and very high resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

Microstructure and corrosion resistance of underwater laser clad duplex

During the long-term service of nuclear power plants, the duplex stainless steel (DSS) plate in the spent fuel pool ages. Its failure mechanism is mainly uniform corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and pitting corrosion, which poses a serious threat to the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Repairs are usually done by underwater welding technology to reduce the equipment maintenance costs and exposure to radiation.

The role of stainless steel in offshore applications

Stainless steels, including duplexes and super duplexes are of enormous benefit to the offshore oil and gas industry. They offer reduced weight, increased strength and corrosion resistance, and favourable lifecycle costs, compared to other materials.

Barksdale control products

The new UNS-RG40 level switch from Barksdale is designed for versatile applications in shipbuilding and plant engineering.

New SS developed

Japanese Daido Steel Co. has announced that it has developed a stainless steel with the world’s highest level of corrosion resistance.

New capability for air service

TLV Corporation is announces that its DR20 (Direct-acting Reducing Valve) is now available for air service.

Deepwater duplex

Sandvik Materials Technology states that its newly developed duplex stainless steel tube grades are providing the ultra-high strength and corrosion resistance needed for the wellhead control systems for today’s enhanced oil and gas recovery methods.

BUTTING wins order from Talisman

At the end of 2004 BUTTING received a major order to supply more than 54,000 metres of mechanically bonded BUTTING-Bimetal pipes (BuBi®-pipes) for Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd’s Tweedsmuir project.

New wireline steel grade from Sandvik

Sandvik Materials Technology announces that its new stainless steel precision wire grade developed for sour service slicklines and logging cables offers both operating and cost benefits, including reduced down-time.