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Stronger stainless, lighter structures with duplex grades

Duplex and lean duplex meet the most demanding needs by offering a superior combination of high strength, corrosion resistance, and lowered life cycle costs....

Stalatube embarks on new strategy

Stalatube embarks on a new journey towards a world that is built to last. Its new strategy centers around developing highly sustainable high-strength stainless...

Stalatube brand video (2020 version)

Stalatube is known worldwide as the leading provider of high strength stainless steel solutions and as the manufacturer of highly developed stainless steel hollow sections, I-beams, profiles and components.

Stalatube starts Zero Scrap Production

Stalatube worked on changes to improve customer experience. The first key change was to improve stock availability and decrease minimum order quantities in large austenitic hollow sections.

Stalatube launches a new website

Stalatube created a new website to better serve customers and stakeholders. Stalatube has tried to improve the navigation and findability of important items, and added even more information on the benefits of stainless steel.

Sami Packalén appointed as CEO of Stalatube

Sami Packalén has been appointed as CEO of Stalatube Oy. Packalén will transfer from the position of Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing and has long experience in the stainless steel business after working in the company since 1999.

Stalatube launches a new production line in Lahti

Stalatube launches a new best-in-class production line in the company’s main facility in Lahti, Finland. The new production line produces square and rectangular stainless structural tubes from 25 × 25 up to 70 × 70, thickness ranging from 1 to 4 mm, strengthening Stalatube’s offering of special-sized tubes.

Stalatube: a supplier of stainless steel bus

Stalatube is the service provider in stainless steel bus and coach body and chassis tubes and components. Its aim is not only to help customers create the world’s most light-weight bus body while maintaining impact safety but also to provide them the most sustainable solutions in the market.

Stalatube opens new stainless steel processing facility

Stalatube Oy of Lahti, Finland, has invested a total of EUR 20M in the past two years, of which EUR 7M has been invested in a production facility in Poland.

Stalatube’s stainless steel tubes move to ramp-up pha

Stalatube’s new best-in-class production facility manufacturing stainless steel tubes in special dimensions and further processed stainless steel products is moving into ramp-up phase.