Speeding up purge process

To speed up the purge process prior to welding for large pipes and tanks, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has designed and developed a range of Quick Purge Systems. Stainless steel, titanium and other alloy piping and vessels generally have be be filled with Argon to purge out the air before welding. With small tubes and pipes, this work can be done relatively quickly by a number of different methods. However, the larger the pipes or vessels become, the longer it takes to complete a purge and to ensure that the oxygen level is sufficiently low to start welding. Huntingdon’s the new Quick Purge devices are based on the technique of the Argweld Inflatable Purge System and restrict the purge volume to about 75mm either side of the weld. A further volume restriction is achieved by building a large diameter collar around the spinal hose connecting the two inflatable dam ends. As the surfaces of the Argweld Quick Purge System are nearer to the hot metal, they are protected with heat protecting material which has been tested up to 1,000 degrees centigrade. This material prevents any damage to the Quick Purge systems during welding and protects the systems in the event that hot metal droplets may fall on the system during welding.

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