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Tubes and pipes benefitting from high-growth industries

The current economic uncertainty has left the tube, pipes and fittings sector relatively unscathed.

Raccortubi online offering expanded

Raccortubi Group has updated its online produce offering to include its full range of fittings, pipes and flanges.

BUTTING – a reliable supplier of stainless steel pipes

For many decades, BUTTING has been a reliable supplier of high-quality, stainless steel pipes and components ready for installation.

A new marking for pipes from the coil: BUTTING

Product traceability is an essential quality criterion. This also applies to longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes.

UK Based S&N is an Independent Stainless Steel Supplier

UK-based S&N Stainless is a stockholder and supplier of a whole range of stainless steel items.

Controlling corrosion in Saudi Arabia’s desalination plants

In Saudi Arabia desalination fulfills the most basic need for humanity, providing clean, safe water. The many plants constructed along the eastern and western coasts literally pump life into this arid country. Keeping these plants running and tackling the inevitable corrosion issues that arise from processing seawater is the responsibility of the corrosion department within the Desalination Technologies Research Institute (DTRI).

A wealth of experience in manufacturing at Nas Toa

The company Nas Toa Co. Ltd., a member of the Nippon Yakin Kogyo group, has considerable experience in the manufacture of welded stainless steel and high-performance alloyed pipes and tubes. Here they share some of the technical knowledge they have gained in perfecting these products.

Experience from the field…

Since 1998 leaks have repeatedly been detected in 304L stainless steel bellows in a ‘contaminated’ process steam system at one of the chemical plants on the Chemelot Site. Investigations revealed that while the outside of the bellows were corrosion-free the inside exhibited severe corrosion. The challenge: to determine whether the corrosion was due to design of the bellow or the operating conditions.

Back in time: The history of tubes

If you put a search for tube or pipe into the web there is a an avalanche of information which makes you start to realise how dependant our way of life is on something with a hole in it that carries any sort of medium.

TMK supplies pipes for Lukoil’s North Caspian depo

TMK has started shipping pipes to be used in construction of deep water pipelines at Lukoil’s Filanovsky oil and gas condensate deposit in the North Caspian Sea.