Melting of titanium and super-alloys takes off in

ALD Vacuum Technologies AD has installed a vacuum melting system in CDC’s new precision casting facility, allowing titanium and other reactive metal castings to be manufactured in the UK for the first time. The system incorporates a 25kg skull melter for titanium and a 90kg vacuum induction melter (VIM). A considerable amount of interest has already been shown in the new facility, which is the only one of its kind in the UK. Users of titanium, nickel and cobalt based alloy castings have already been in touch, along with suppliers of remelt stock. The capability of the VIM, which can melt small quantities of super-alloys, is particularly attractive to many organisations. CDC has now become a member of the Titanium Information Group (TIG), which facilitates networking between producers and users of titanium in all its product forms. Currently, CDC is evaluating alternative or new moulding materials for use with molten titanium. These include graphite sand and yttrium oxide fillers for the lost wax process. The process parameters for each of the materials are being established.

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