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Automated and portable 3D technology for casting

The casting industry faces many challenges when machining blanks of cast and forged parts so that the parts meet customer requirements. To ensure the...

Schmidt + Clemens: Innovations to increase customer productivity

The Schmidt + Clemens Group has expanded worldwide, particularly with tube systems manufactured using centrifugal and static mold casting processes.

Casting upgrade welding – requirements, techniques and concepts

The world of fusion welding has effected many industries and fabrication opportunities worldwide. Countless industrial items are assembled using a vast number of different welding techniques governed by numerous rules, codes and norms. Casting upgrade welding is a very specialised series of operations. The casting process offers a unique opportunity as the casting is an economic preform. Weld upgrade is inherent to the process.

Cross plunger rings designed for die casting machines

Cross plunger rings are specifically designed and engineered for die casting machines working with a wide variety of materials.

Lost-form casting

Aesir Metals LLC has begun lost-foam casting of parts in 316 stainless steel.

Titanium casting delivered

Norway-based Aero Titanium AS has delivered a massive titanium casting to UK-based Koso Kent Introl Ltd.

Caster commissioned at AvestaPolarit

Hot commissioning of AvestaPolarit’s new 6-strand Convex Technology® CCM for stainless steels in Sheffield, England, has been completed.

Cti to appraise RP technologies

Cti is embarking on a three-year programme to determine the extent to which the widespread application of Rapid Prototyping in the casting supply chain is a realistic and viable proposition.

Prize winners at CTI

Castings Technology International (CTI), the Sheffield-based cast metals research and development organisation, has been playing host to two young Australian competition winners.

First cast at North American Stainless

North American Stainless, Carrollton, Kentucky, USA, produced its first cast on 2 February.