Lincoln electric inverters

The Lincoln Electric Company has introduced three new inverters for precision welding. These inverters are the Invertec® V160S for Stick welding, the Invertec V160T for DC TIG and the Invertec V205T AC/DC — Lincoln’s first AC/DC TIG inverter. The units come with a carry strap for added portability. The Invertec V160S is intended for those interested primarily in stick welding, with some TIG applications. The unit offers the capabilities of Touch Start TIG or Stick in DC. With an easy starting Stick feature, users just have to touch the electrode to the workpiece and lift up to start the arc. Dedicated to TIG, the Invertec V160T comes with a built-in gas solenoid, TIG torch adapters, input cord and a work clamp and cable. The unit offers DC welding TIG or Stick capabilities with high-frequency arc initiation or TouchStart TIG. It also offers pulse welding capability. The Invertec V205T allows users to select between sinusoidal waveforms, Square Wave waveforms or inverter-type waveforms. The unit offers full pulse capabilities with the ability to adjust the upslope and downslope. For AC welding, the unit offers the ability to focus the arc by adjusting the AC frequency.

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