Stainless Steel Machining

Stainless steel, renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance, presents unique challenges and opportunities in the machining realm. In this intricate dance of cutting tools and metal, each pass shapes the future of intricate components and robust structures. This category page provides news and articles on fabricating and machining stainless steels, unveiling the secrets to achieving optimal results. From understanding the material’s characteristics and selecting the right tools to mastering cutting or polishing techniques.

Stainless Steel Machining and fabrication news

Below you can read product news from companies specializing in machines and tooling for the manufacture, fabrication, processing and finishing of stainless steels. If you wish to include your news release on our website and email newsletter, please feel free to contact the editor.

WEBAM with high industrialization & technology maturity index

Wire electron beam additive manufacturing (WEBAM) is the top metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology with a high industrialization and technology maturity index.

TRUMPF enables additive manufacturing with new metals

TRUMPF has expanded its selection of powder alloys for its 3D printing systems. For the automotive industry, the CustAlloy aluminum alloy from ECKA Granules is particularly beneficial.

Precision ADM and Tecomet sign a strategic partnership

Precision ADM has entered into a strategic partnership with Tecomet to expand development and production opportunities in the area of additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Citizen Machinery: combined laser cutting and turning

Citizen Machinery recently demonstrated its Cincom L12‐VIILFV sliding-head lathe with integral laser cutting capability.

CEVISA’s secret of its success

CASTELLANOS y ECHEVARRIA (CEVISA) has now held its own on the market for more than five decades as a beveling machine manufacturer and prescribes the best sales figures.

Horn introduces new carbide grades for feed milling

Horn has announced the introduction of two new carbide grades for inserts used in its DAH82 and DAH84 high-feed milling systems

GE Additive releases Binder Jet Line & Series 3 printer

GE Additive has released more details of its Binder Jet Line and the Series 3 printer. With production deliveries expected to begin in H2 2023.

Inline metal bending control with autonomous laser profiler

The VC nano3D-Z laser triangulation sensor operates autonomously, without an external computing unit, and is already fully calibrated for angle measurement.

Horn with Boehlerit offer Quattrotec tool system

Under its joint sales cooperation with Boehlerit, Horn is offering customers the former's new Quattrotec tool system.

Mazak develops 2D laser machine for sheet metal cutting

Yamazaki Mazak has completed the development of a new 2D laser machine for top-notch sheet metal cutting operations.

Stainless steel can be machined using a variety of methods depending on the specific type of stainless steel and the desired outcome. Here are some common methods of machining stainless steel:

Turning: This involves rotating the stainless steel workpiece on a lathe and using a cutting tool to remove material from the surface.

Milling: This involves using a milling machine to remove material from the surface of the stainless steel workpiece using a rotating cutting tool.

Drilling: This involves using a drill bit to create holes in the stainless steel workpiece.

Grinding: This involves using a grinding wheel or other abrasive tool to remove material from the surface of the stainless steel workpiece.

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining): This involves using a small electrical charge to erode material from the surface of the stainless steel workpiece.

Laser Cutting: This involves using a high-powered laser to cut through the stainless steel workpiece.

It’s worth noting that machining stainless steel can be more challenging than machining other metals due to its hardness, toughness, and tendency to work-harden. Therefore, it’s important to use appropriate cutting tools and machining parameters to ensure a high-quality finished product.