Below you can read product news from companies specializing in machines and tooling for the manufacture, fabrication, processing and finishing of stainless steels. If you wish to include your newsrelease on our website and email newsletter, please feel free to contact Joanne McIntyre.

ARNO develops the field-proven ACS1 and ACS2 variants

One of the main tasks in metal cutting is to extract the enormous heat in the cutting zone efficiently. This is quite a challenge, especially in turning work where there is continuous contact between the cutting edge and the workpiece.

BUMAX installs state-of-the-art machines in Šshammar

BUMAX has installed three new state-of-the-art machines at its facility in Šshammar in Sweden’s steel belt, to enhance its operations and improve productivity.

Schoeller Werk high-performance sawing centre

Schoeller Werk is a manufacturer in this segment and offers its customers a corresponding, fully automatic solution with a high-performance sawing centre.

Crauwels joins Sandvik Executive Management

Sandvik has appointed Nadine Crauwels as a member of the Sandvik Group Executive Management as of 1 October 2020. Since 2017 Crauwels has been the President of Sandvik Coromant and she has held several different management positions within Sandvik Coromant since 2000.

Dormer Pramet to acquire Miranda Tools’ business

Dormer Pramet, a division within Sandvik Machining Solutions, has reached an agreement to acquire the entire business of the Indian company Miranda Tools, comprising manufacture of High Speed Steel and solid carbide round tools.

Okuma launches MB-80V for working on large workpieces

Whether cylinder heads, forming and cutting tools or components for semiconductor production lines, the demands placed on the machines used continue to grow.

Dirk Stiens awarded Wilhelm Haglund medal

Dirk Stiens at Walter (Sandvik Machining Solutions) was named product developer of the year and awarded the Wilhelm Haglund Medal for the development of a new method, called ultra-low-pressure chemical vapor deposition, for applying coatings.

M.A. Ford launches 5 high-performance tooling ranges

Five new high-performance tooling ranges have been launched by M.A. Ford Europe, which includes solid carbide end mills and new deep hole drills for machining aluminium alloys, steel, Titanium, HRSAs and stainless grades.

Swiss extends the life of cam-operated automatic lathes

Tens of thousands of traditional cam-operated automatic lathes are still tirelessly mass-producing precision parts for the watch, automotive, dentistry and electronic industries globally.

Sandvik considers further production path consolidation

Sandvik Machining Solutions has decided to review the potential closure of a production plant for round tools within the Walter division in Frankfurt, Germany.