Diablo’s Steel Demon™ Cermet blade for metal cutting

Diablo Tools (Diablo) reinvents the metal cutting industry with an unmatched line of Cermet saw blades designed for extreme durability, longer life and faster cuts in metals and stainless steel. The Steel Demon™ Cermet blade features an exclusive, innovative design that delivers up to 25× longer life, 50× cooler cuts and 10× faster cuts versus standard abrasive cut-off discs.

Diablo’s Steel Demon™ Cermet blade offers maximum productivity with more cuts and unmatched efficiency in cutting mild or stainless steel with an innovative, first-of-its-kind one-blade solution for the ultimate metal cutting experience. Diablo’s Cermet blade produces large chips versus harmful dust generated by abrasive discs, ultimately reducing airborne contaminates and leading the way for a safer job site. This optimized TCG tooth geometry helps create the ultimate controlled cutting action.

Diablo’s specially formulated Cermet (Ceramic and Metallic blend) teeth provide high heat tolerances and increased hardness for superior wear and ultimate cutting life.

Diablo offers a full range of Steel Demon™ Cermet blades for thin, medium, and thick metals and stainless steels ranging in diameters from 5-3/8″ to 14″.

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