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Featured Story

Our Featured Story archive is a collection of the Featured Story’s which have been published in our magazine and taken pride of place as the ‘unique feature article’ on our Stainless Steel World home page. In addition to industry updates, market news and topical issues of the day the Feature Story provides an interesting mix of company profiles, in-depth technical articles, reports from major end users and features projects in a variety of industries ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to the architecture, power generation, medical and food and beverage industries.

Fittings from stainless steel are the first choice

From modest beginnings in the family garage to the internationally active group of companies with 27 subsidiaries, GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, from Ingelfingen in Baden-Württemberg, made a name for itself worldwide as a specialist for fittings in the industrial sector. In conversation with Stainless Steel World, Marco Becker, head of sales marketing at GEMÜ, explains the reasons behind the success story of the stainless steel fittings and looks at the latest market development

Save money by preparing your own samples

A Dutch company has developed an efficient system for sample preparation in the steel industry which requires less material to be sent away for external analysis. This provides major savings in material costs. The system also allows more samples to be tested, resulting in improved production process quality.

The use of unmanned aerial systems to carry out inspections

Drones can be deployed to help decision makers decide on safety and maintenance issues within industrial plants. However their use requires not only new application techniques but also a different approach with regard to work procedures, as well as a detailed understanding of drone technology and how it works; its limitations and potential.

Controlling corrosion in Saudi Arabia’s desalination plants

In Saudi Arabia desalination fulfills the most basic need for humanity, providing clean, safe water. The many plants constructed along the eastern and western coasts literally pump life into this arid country. Keeping these plants running and tackling the inevitable corrosion issues that arise from processing seawater is the responsibility of the corrosion department within the Desalination Technologies Research Institute (DTRI).

The evolution of EPC’s in India

The Indian EPC business is growing rapidly at a faster pace than even China’s booming industry. At the same time the level of technical knowledge of materials and equipment is steadily increasing. Stainless Steel World spoke to Mr. Mrinal Das, Senior General Manager, Projects at Jacobs Engineering who has worked on projects in the Indian market for 29 years, about how the industry – and the role of a Project Manager – has evolved.

Offshore and Subsea – oil & gas project spending review

The sharp decline in crude prices and the subsequent volatility has meant that it’s been an onerous two years for oil producers, a period marked with budget cuts. The situation for the offshore side of the business has been far more severe. Once hailed as the bulwark from peak oil, the massive costs associated with its development in the face of low margins have made it increasingly difficult for companies to commit investments in recent times.

Is it time to recycle more nickel?

Demand for nickel across the whole range of applications has increased by around 5% per year since 2010 and this trend looks set to continue. At the same time a shortfall in production has developed. Given the declining ore quality, falling mining output and growing demand, shouldn’t we be focusing on recycling more nickel?

Keeping the bottle lines flowing…

The food and beverage packing & bottling industries operate under strict hygiene rules, known as High-Purity Standards. Meeting these standards demands unrelenting attention to detail and exacting levels of expertise. Krones AG supplies filling and packaging systems to the global food industry and today fills or labels a quarter of all bottles sold in the world.

First SPAR platform for Norwegian waters

When the Aasta Hansteen gas field was discovered in the Norwegian Sea in 1997, its remote location and deep water were always going to make recovering its resources challenging.

A wealth of experience in manufacturing at Nas Toa

The company Nas Toa Co. Ltd., a member of the Nippon Yakin Kogyo group, has considerable experience in the manufacture of welded stainless steel and high-performance alloyed pipes and tubes. Here they share some of the technical knowledge they have gained in perfecting these products.