HTW 2023

Featured Story

Our Featured Story archive is a collection of the Featured Story’s which have been published in our magazine and taken pride of place as the ‘unique feature article’ on our Stainless Steel World home page. In addition to industry updates, market news and topical issues of the day the Feature Story provides an interesting mix of company profiles, in-depth technical articles, reports from major end users and features projects in a variety of industries ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to the architecture, power generation, medical and food and beverage industries.

Stainless biogas plants for sustainability

Biogas plants are increasing in popularity in response to pressure on industry and municipalities to reduce sewage sludge and power costs while improving sustainability. Stainless Steel digesters are an integral part of biogas plant technology.

Geotechnical applications for stainless steel

In marine environments stainless steels provide an economical and long term solution to challenging geotechnical problems. A recently refurbished lifeboat station is a good example.

Duplex expansion: obstacles & opportunities

In an article for Stainless Steel World James Chater explained that duplex grades represent a growing sector within the stainless steel industry. However obstacles to its greater use persist, particularly the limited availability of product forms. Oil & gas and desalination are the two industries that consume the largest amount of duplex. Other industries where use may be growing are architecture and transport.

Danfoss Experts Share Their Experience in Materials Consulting

The Danfoss Group is a world-leading supplier of technologies for infrastructure, food supply, energy and climate. Headquartered in Nordborg, Denmark, the company has 61 factories and about 23,400 employees around the world.

Keeping Braskem PP5 on track

The sprawling site hosts several chemical plants involved in the production of raw materials and further processed chemical products. Stainless Steel World visited the site to speak with Mr. Roberto Funger, Senior Inspection Engineer.

Shifting headwinds: oil and gas companies adapt to survive

For two consecutive years, weaker oil and gas prices have led to declining investments, slower production growth and weaker profits. The larger companies are adapting with layoffs, reorganization and mergers. New, environment-friendly and efficient technologies are being introduced.

Storing renewable energy as ammonia

It’s currently impossible to store large quantities of energy produced by wind and solar power. In the Netherlands in times of over-supply the energy is sold off cheaply; in times of need gas-powered plants must make up the deficit.

Electromechanical cables: hidden workhorses of the oil & gas industry

Electromechanical (wireline) cables are not components that receive a lot of attention in the oil and gas industry, yet they provide an essential link between the surface and the wellbore in both onshore and offshore wells.

Stainless artwork pays homage to history

The Kelpies are one of the largest equine sculptures in the world, standing almost 37 meters (130 feet) tall. Located near Falkirk in Central Scotland and created by artist Andy Scott, they are the largest public artworks in Scotland and are constructed entirely of 316L stainless steel.

Steady demand for Japanese stainless steel

Japan is one of the world’s leading producers of quality stainless steels. While the local market is fairly buoyant, local producer must contend with their share of trials including a volatile currency and low-cost imports. Stainless Steel World spoke to Mr Takashi Imai, President of the All Japan Stainless Steel Distributors Association and President of Daiwa Special Steel Co. Ltd, about Japan’s stainless steel market.