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Article by Laura WANG, Stainless Steel World China

Stainless Steel World met our friends Baoti Group for an in-depth conversation with Mr. Wensheng Wang, President of the Group. He explained how Baoti Group stays competitive by continually creating the maximum value for its clients all over the world.

By Laura WANG, Stainless Steel World China

In 1965, a large group of engineering experts and talented technical experts travelled from all over China to the city of Baoji to join the Baoti Group. They were committed to establishing a scientific research and production base for China’s rare metal materials. For the past 55 years, hard work, faithful dedication, science and realism, has developed Baoti Group into China’s most extensive specialised rare metal production and R&D base. Today the Group is primarily focused on titanium and titanium alloy.
It has developed a complete industrial chain, covering titanium sponge melting, processing, deep processing, equipment manufacture, etc. By 2008 the Group’s output of titanium products exceeded 10,000 tons for the first time. Over the decades, it has contributed significantly to the development of China’s aerospace and other high-technology industries.
However, facing the challenges of a rapidly developing market economy, as a State-owned enterprise, the Baoti Group was inevitably confronted with institutional challenges which limited the company’s further development.
Under these circumstances, President Mr. Wensheng Wang, leading a new management group, proposed an innovative strategy for future growth based on “producing quality products and expansion into various markets”.
Since then, Baoti Group has entered upon a new stage of advanced development. The successful implementation of a series of reform strategies led to a stable, rising trend in production and sales. Sales into the international market, in particular, have entered a period of rapid growth, with export volumes expanding year by year.
In 2019, the production of leading titanium materials reached 19,000 tons, and the delivery of export products reached 4,260 tons, up 46.9% year on the previous year. Of the many products exported, plate & sheet metal continues to be in high demand throughout the year, while the proportion of plate, sheet and bar products exported can reach 80%.
Baoti Group has a long history with Stainless Steel World, yet every visit to their offices provides new experiences and surprises. One thing which remains constant in the company’s culture and philosophy is their hard-working, dedicated and tireless spirit. While adhering to this core spirit, Mr. Wang has focused on market-oriented reforms, innovation and improved efficiency since taking office. “Years of efforts to implement market-based reforms, globalisation and improvements to our products and service have grown Baoti Group into a leading company domestically. We will keep exploring the international market by increasing volumes and categories, to stand out among the fierce competition in the global arena.”

Five core strengths

Producing high-quality products is a common theme throughout the interview. Mr. Wang: “We firmly position ourselves at the high-end of the market. Technological improvements always come first and are constantly ongoing. What’s more, we will root this principle deeply into the overall development of the whole industry chain, and build a world-renowned industrial group with stronger capabilities in terms of manufacturing, research and development, and service.”
Mr. Wang went on to detail how the Baoti Group keeps strengthening its core competitiveness.

No.1 Quality management system

Baoti Group has passed the National Standard, National Aerospace Standard, The Military Standard and other third-party quality system approvals. It is the only titanium processing enterprise in China that has passed the quality certification of Airbus, Boeing, SAFRAN, Bombardier, Rolls Royce and other internationally renowned airlines. It has also gained accreditation for NADCAP, PED, NORSOK, TUV230, ASME (pressure equipment) and other aviation, chemical and petroleum-related products.
Based on the current trend of global economic integration, Baoti Group actively carries out all kinds of audit and certification work to better integrate with the international market and further expand international business. It also adheres to problem-oriented and closed-loop management to promote the improvement of the enterprises comprehensive abilities.

No.2 Well-equipped production chain

Baoti Group has a great deal of advanced equipment for melting, casting, forging, rolling, testing, etc. These include machines such as a cold bed furnace, 10-ton VAR furnace, 15-ton VAR furnace, 2,500-ton forging machine and a 10,000-ton forging press. The technology was imported from sixteen countries around the world, including the United States, Japan, Germany and Austria. The overall equipment level has reached an internationally advanced level, providing robust guarantees for product quality.

To fill in any gaps and eliminate production bottlenecks such as unmatched and uncoordinated production, Baoti Group has carried out many technical upgrades of its production lines. Today it operates one of the most complete and sophisticated titanium industrial chains ever built. It covers titanium mineral resources and melting; titanium alloy melting and material processing; titanium deep-processing; equipment design and fabrication; and titanium recycling.

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