Alloy integrated fluid system solution

A challenge posed by the oil and gas industry and an ambitious product development relationship between Sandvik Steel AB and Swagelok Company has led to a new SAF 2507 alloy integrated fluid system solution that performs in highly corrosive, chloride-containing environments, such as oil and gas exploration and production activities. The SAF 2507 alloy integrated fluid system solution is comprised of the Swagelok gaugeable SAF 2507 superduplex tube fitting, the Swagelok SAF 2507 superduplex weld fitting, an autogenous orbital welding process for welding SAF 2507 alloy components using the Swagelok welding system and Sandvik SAF 2507 superduplex tubing. Developed and patented by Sandvik, SAF 2507 is a superduplex stainless steel alloy that offers numerous advantages over 316L and other conventional stainless steels: superior strength, lower weight savings, increased corrosion resistance and the ability to operate at high pressures. The alloy has found acceptance in many chloride-containing environments. Swagelok and Sandvik initiated development of an SAF 2507 alloy product line in the second half of 1998.

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