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Optimizing fluid system material selection for offshore safety

Offshore oil and gas platform and floating vessel owners must optimize costs. But moreimportantly, they must maintain safe and compliant operating conditions for employees overthe life span of their operations.

Swagelok announces CEO succession

Swagelok Company has announced the election of Arthur F. Anton to the position of president and chief executive officer, effective 1 January 2004.

Swagelok pioneers e-solutions

Swagelok Company has recently earned independent recognition for pioneering innovative, reliable solutions on the web.

Swagelok honours “spirit of invention”

Swagelok Compan has honoured 53 active and retired Swagelok associates whose patent-winning inventions are protected by 500 current or pending company patents in 23 countries world-wide.

Swagelok wins award

Swagelok Company and its global network of over 200 independent sales and service centres have been recognised with an "eVolution in Manufacturing" Award for their success in building a globally available products eStore offered through hundreds of local "storefronts" world-wide.

Swaging units to reduce installation time and cost

Swagelok Company has introduced the Swagelok air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit (AHSU), the industry’s first air-actuated device for swaging multiple fractional and metric tube-fitting sizes.

Swagelok: simplified maintenance

Swagelok Company has introduced the Swagelok 6DB Series Blow Down Valve, constructed of 316 stainless steel.

First air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit

Swagelok Company (Solon, OH, USA) has introduced its air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit (AHSU), made of stainless steel.

Alloy integrated fluid system solution

A challenge posed by the oil and gas industry and an ambitious product development relationship between Sandvik Steel AB and Swagelok Company has led to a new SAF 2507 alloy integrated fluid system solution that performs in highly corrosive, chloride-containing environments, such as oil and gas exploration and production activities.