Webshop for stainless steel and duplex steel parts

From now on, interested business customers and existing customers of MODERSOHN® can purchase standard parts and fastening accessories, especially made of Lean Duplex 1.4362 and Duplex 1.4462, in the new online store.

With the range of standard parts made of Stainless steel and duplex steel explicitly geared to the construction and industrial sectors, high-strength bolted joints and heavy-duty fasteners with a high requirement for Corrosion resistance are offered in particular in MODERSOHN’s online store.

With the special product selection of materials such as 1.4362 and 1.4462, Wilhelm Modersohn GmbH & Co. KG meets this demand for high-strength nuts, bolts, washers, sockets and much more in its webshop.

Positive aspects that result for users from this include (1) Slimmer designs; (2) Very low to no chloride- or hydrogen-induced stress corrosion cracking susceptibility up to 50°C; (3) Higher fatigue strength; (4) Lower tendency to cold welding; (5) Better surface adhesion for coatings; (6) Lower thermal conductivity; (7) Lower thermal expansion; (8) Higher temperature resistance for lean duplex steel.

Another advantage is the configurator for duplex Threaded rods cut to size. Material, diameter and length of the Threaded rods are determined in the store and passed on directly for production so that fast delivery can be made.