Titanium safety guide

The ITA (International Titanium Association) Safety Committee has announced plans for a new publication focused on the safe processing and handling of titanium. According to Joseph Knecht, Committee Chairman: “The safety committee members have worked hard to raise the level of safety awareness within the industry for many years, but have stopped short of publishing a comprehensive guide that could be used as a reference for users and producers.” “Several years ago, long time committee chairman Eldon Poulsen (TIMET) worked with Stephen Stocks (OREMET), Steve Giangiordano (RMI Titanium Co.), Eric Jarvis
(IMI), and Jim Silvus (Allvac) to publish Safe Design for Melting Systems for Titanium that will serve as a basis along with more recent industry experience for covering the melting processes.”
Along with the continued focus on melting incidents and safeguards, papers have been presented at committee meetings over the years dealing with confined space risks, dust collection, handling of powders and fines, fire fighting, safety program management, as well as other areas. Although the guide is still in the early stages of development, the topics under consideration include: Sponge and powder handling safety, Melting Safety for Vacuum Arc (VAR), Electron Beam (EB), Plasma Arc (PAM), and Induction Skull (ISM) processes, Hot & Cold Working Safety Considerations, Machining Safety Considerations, Fabricating Safety, Scrap Handling, Dust Collection, Confined Space Risks, and Firefighting. The committee plans to have the guide available through the ITA by mid 2003. On 21 February 2002 the Safety Committee met at the RMI Titanium Company facility and had 30 participants. Proceedings of the most recent and selected previous meetings are available to interested members by contacting Stacey Jorgensen at: sjorgensen@titanium.org

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