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Stainless steel welding characteristics & suitability with dissimilar metals

A.K Vaish et. al. discuss the mechanism of the welding of stainless steels to different other types of steel and metals.

Hardide-A coating improves fatigue life

New independent testing has proven that Hardide-A tungsten carbide/tungsten metal matrix composite coating improves the fatigue life of metal components by 4.5% compared to uncoated substrates.

Tungsten-based alloy valuable for magnetic fusion

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory recently developed a new tungsten-based alloy that can resist exceptional amounts of radiation without any damage.

Clarification over tungsten electrodes for TIG/GTAW welding

The tungsten arc welding concept, originally introduced as a practical tool in 1950, is now established as the most versatile technique for producing fusion welds to the highest quality standards.

Sandvik acquires WBH

Sandvik has acquired Austria-based Wolfram Bergbau- und Hütten-GmbH Nfg KG (WBH), a producer and supplier of tungsten products.

Longer lasting tungsten electrodes

The Multi Strike™ Tungsten Welding Electrodes from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd were originally introduced to provide the marketplace with non-radioactive and non-carcinogenic tungstens for improved health and safety and increased life. They have now undergone a new development.