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Nuclear packaging approved by NRC

The TN Eagle for the transport and dry storage of spent nuclear fuel, developed by Orano, has received NRC approval.

Large-scale transports into the wide world

For decades BUTTING vessels have been used in a wide range of industries to meet the most diverse demands. Recently Butting Anlagenbau in Schwedt/Oder (Germany) – a specialists unit focusing on the construction of vessels – completed several large-scale high alloyed stainless steel orders in special transports.

Duplex expansion: obstacles & opportunities

In an article for Stainless Steel World James Chater explained that duplex grades represent a growing sector within the stainless steel industry. However obstacles to its greater use persist, particularly the limited availability of product forms. Oil & gas and desalination are the two industries that consume the largest amount of duplex. Other industries where use may be growing are architecture and transport.

Clean break with stainless

Guyson has introduced the Kaptech Klaw range of automatic stainless-steel breakaway couplings for use in flexible hose connections to moveable sources such as road tankers.

Minitainer tank

The Minitainer® tank from Tank Solutions has been introduced to revolutionise the way shippers are transporting and distributing liquid products.

Buried water pipeline uses nickel

Stainless steel S31600, containing 12% nickel, has been used to transport water in a Colorado national park.

Rail/energy project to run on stainless

United Steel Workers of America (USWA) have endorsed assistance to build a USA-wide rapid transit rail system made of stainless steel called "The Interstate Traveler Project", based in Michigan.

Ultra-light stainless (2/4)

A stainless steel "sandwich" material, developed by Volvo, promises lighter, safer and environmentally sound cars, trucks, trains, aircraft and boats, writes Dean Jobb in Nickel Magazine (February 2003 issue).