^ 19 vessels for the paper factory were delivered in one piece by special transport. Photo © BUTTING Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

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The vessels were intended for a sugar factory in Russia, a flue gas cleaning plant in South Africa and a paper mill in Baden-Württemberg.
For the sugar factory, 16 vessel parts (cells) each with a diameter of 6.35 metres and a unit weight of 39 metric tonnes were delivered. The challenge for BUTTING in Schwedt was to integrate a complicated interior structure. To do this, the cells were moved and rotated outside the production halls, using three cranes. A total of four convoys, each consisting of four low-loaders began their journey to Russia. The destination was Chernyanka, in the Belgorod region on the Ukrainian border. Rita Paeger, the person responsible for special transports at BUTTING Schwedt, explains: “Road transport took up more than 1,900 kilometres. Due to the extreme breadth, the police stopped the oncoming traffic in many places, traffic lights and traffic signs had to be dismantled.”

South African flue gas plant

The first batch, made from high-alloyed stainless steel, has been delivered for the world’s largest flue gas cleaning plant, and is being installed in Umkomaas/ South Africa. It consists of two vessels with a diameter of up to 13.4 metres and a height of 13.0 metres. The two vessels were prefabricated in segments with maximum dimensions of 5.65 metres in width and 4.30 metres in height. The segments were loaded in the port of Schwedt. They reach the port of Hamburg via inland waterways, and from there are shipped on to South Africa.

German paper maker

At the same time, the vessels for a new paper-making machine were delivered in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In total, BUTTING in Schwedt was contracted to supply 28 vessels, 19 of which were delivered by special transports in one piece, due to the volumes. Transporting the four largest vessels, with a volume of 95,000 litres, to the south of Germany was only permitted at night due to their width and height of 4.30 metres.
Mario Kulow, the Managing Director of BUTTING Schwedt, reports: “With the delivery of these three major projects in the vessel construction sector, we were able to complete important orders before the end of 2018, thereby demonstrating our punctuality and project competence.”
With its efficient production facilities and skilled employees, BUTTING produces vessels and equipment, large tanks and columns at the Schwedt location. In the process, the know-how, reliability and flexibility of our fitters have become its trademark.

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