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TIG Welding introduces Fronius Artis

TIG Welding introduces Fronius Artis

TIG welding with 19-pole foot-operated RTF-X TIG by EWM

TIG welding with 19-pole foot-operated RTF-X TIG by EWM

Selecting and using stainless steel filler metals

The process of choosing a stainless filler metal involves matching it to the base materials, selectinga shielding gas and often calculating ferrite content and total heat input.

Cold wire TIG welding – smart and simple

TIG cold-wire components are available now for Fronius iWave. The pioneering innovation lies in its intelligent control.

Tetrix XQ delivers TIG welding at the highest level

The new Tetrix XQ 230 from EWM delivers TIG welding at the highest level. The Tetrix XQ 230 is incredibly powerful and can be run directly from a single-phase 230 V power socket, which makes it very versatile in use.

Orbital TIG welding – when quality is the primary concern

When high-quality welds are required, orbital TIG welding is the ideal technology for tube-to-tube or tube-to-tube sheet welding applications. With or without filler wire, this is a stable, reliable process that can be used on a wide range of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and nickel and aluminium alloys.

Altering perceptions: TIG welding in the oil & gas industry

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) commonly known as tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), has always been considered to be a complicated joining process. The equipment was expensive, shielding gas of the required purity was difficult to obtain and above all, only specially trained individuals were able to complete the complex procedures. However today there are innovative, customer-focused solutions for both mechanized and automated TIG welding available.

Polysoude offers high-tech weld heads

Polysoude has created new, more productive and ergonomic high tech weld heads, setting a new technological standard for automated orbital TIG welding. The new orbital welding heads make tube to tubesheet welding and tube-tube welding especially easy for the operator.

Weldability develops rod for cast iron welding

Sif Super Silicon No 9 is a new welding rod in the Sifbronze range for oxy-acetylene welding of cast iron, developed by Weldability-SIF. Designed for full fusion welding, the rod provides a machined high-strength weld metal and a good color match with the same structure as grey cast iron.

New welder from Lincoln

Lincoln Electric Company has introduced a the new Ranger GXT, a 250-amp AC / DC welder.