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China declares tariffs on stainless steel from EU

newsitemChina’s Ministry of Commerce will be imposing tariffs for anti-dumping on imports of certain stainless steel tubes from Japan and the European Union (EU).

US ITC vote on stainless steel imports

The US International Trade Commission has voted to extend the tariffs on stainless steel sheet and strip imports from Japan, Korea and Taiwan for another 5 years, but voted against continuing tariffs on the same product imports

EU may impose duties on Indian stainless fasteners

The European Union has revived a threat to impose tariffs on screws and bolts from India, citing that EU producers may be victims of subsidies and price undercutting. The EU launched an investigation into whether Indian manufacturers of stainless steel fasteners receive trade distorting government aid and sell the goods in the 27 nation bloc below cost, a practice referred to as dumping.

Steel tariffs scrapped

The White House has lifted controversial tariffs on imported steel 21 months into their projected three-year life span.

US scraps steel tariffs

The US has backed down in the face of threats of international retaliation and rescinded its illegal tariffs on steel imports.

WTO speeds ruling on steel

The World Trade Organization (WTO) will adopt a ruling against US steel tariffs on 1 December.

China to co-operate on WTO ban

China will co-operate with its co-complainants to enforce a World Trade Organisation (WTO) panel's judgement that US steel duties violate global trade rules.

WTO slams US tariffs

The World Trade Organization has ruled that heavy duties on steel imports imposed by the Bush administration violate global trade rules.

Stainless producers urge presidential action

The Specialty Steel Industry of North America and the United Steelworkers of America have written to President Bush expressing their concerns about surging imports of stainless steel from India.

US specialty steel imports

The latest statistical data released by the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) reflect that the Bush Administration’s import relief programme, which went into effect in March 2002, appears to be working for the stainless steel products covered by the programme.