Stalatube embarks on new strategy

Stalatube embarks on a new journey towards a world that is built to last. Its new strategy centers around developing highly sustainable high-strength stainless solutions, as well as increasing sustainability in its own actions and processes.
The new strategy pays particular attention to targeted product development by building a large range of highly sustainable high-strength products. It also invests in strengthening its Transport and Energy business areas and in developing its product offering, because it believes these industries benefit particularly from high-strength stainless solutions.
Its new high strength solutions bring customers wide-spread added value, such as opportunities to design lighter and safer structures, to accumulate cost savings and to be more sustainable. Its goal is that compared to the more traditional choices, its high-strength solution will always be a more ecological and sustainable choice for the customer.
Its high-strength concept, the Stainless Revolution, brings many ecological benefits through the extreme light weight of the structures. Products are highly corrosion- and fire-resistant. Products are 100% and endlessly recyclable and have a very long life cycle.

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