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Stainless UK: Supplier of civil & geotechnical projects

Stainless UK is a specialist stainless steel manufacturer and supplier of both tie-bar/rock anchor reinforcement systems and bespoke fabricated elements for civil and geotechnical...

Grip Bar hold firm on Guernsey Lighthouse

Stainless UK has supplied marine grade stainless steel Grip Bar anchors and reinforcing bar to local contractor Geomarine for use in repair work to the landing steps at Les Hanois Lighthouse off the channel island of Guernsey.

Stainless UK giant bars for Scottish quay

Stainless UK have supplied 23 giant solid round stainless steel bars with a 5” diameter and 3m length for the construction of an extension to the quay at Campbeltown Harbour in Scotland.

Stainless UK creates marine division

Stainless UK Ltd has formed a new marine division which will specialise in corrosion- resistant materials for coastal and riverside projects.

Stainless UK supplies pattress plates

With the disappearance of many traditional manufacturers of large diameter pattress plates, engineers have found it difficult to find reliable sources of supply for these products.