Tag: Orbimatic GMBH

Cooling goes stainless

Orbimatic GmbH is assisting ADMS Engineering Ltd in the use of stainless steel tubing for heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

TP range complete

Orbimatic GmbH has launched the last two models in their Orbiweld TP range of open arc orbital TIG welding heads.

Orbimatic give added value

Orbimatic GmbH has enhanced their service package in the UK to give what the company believes is an un-matched commercial and technical package to customers in the UK.

Small Head, Big Performance

Orbimatic GmbH has launched the Orbiweld S series of weld heads with quick fit 'Snap In' collet system.

Orbital welding power supply

Orbimatic GmbH, the manufacturer of orbital tube welding equipment, has produced an ORBIMAT 160CR, a Cleanroom model of its ORBIMAT 160C Orbital Welding Power Supply.

TIGER Welding Station

Orbimatic GmbH has released details of its TIGER tube and pipe welding station.

Arc control turns electronic

Orbimatic GmbH has introduced a new option for their ORBIMAT 250C orbital welding power supply.

Short stub fittings accommodated

Orbimatic GmbH has announced details of the ORBIWELD 12 Micro Weld Head.

Improved oxygen analyser

Orbimatic GmbH, the manufacturer of Orbital TIG Tube Welding Equipment, has seen an upgrade to its weld purge meter.

Complete weld purging kit

Orbimatic GmbH has added the ORBIPURGE internal purging kit to their orbital welding equipment.