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For welding the type of small bore tube and micro weld fittings used in the fabrication of high purity stainless steel pipelines for the semi-conductor and electronics industry, the Orbiweld 12 and VK19 Water Cooled Micro Weld Head has been introduced.

Orbital welder to reduce costs

Delstron Systems (Burton, UK) have utilised orbital welding equipment from Orbimatic GMBH to help bring down the delivery time of their process systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Low clearance welding head added to range

Orbimatic GmbH has introduced the M34 weld head to their range of high quality orbital TIG weld heads.

Welding pulled tees

Orbimatic GmbH, the manufacturer of orbital tube welding equipment, has produced modified collets which fit a standard ORBIWELD fully enclosed weld head range to allow operators to weld a pulled tee with minimal weld neck.

Orbimat improvement

Orbimatic GmbH recently introduced two major improvements in the manufacture of their Orbimat orbital welding power supplies.

New GM at Orbimatic

Orbimatic GmbH has appointed Steve Purnell as their General Manager for the UK and Ireland, following the recent expansion of the UK Office.

Orbimatic expands further

Orbimatic GMBH is expanding further in the UK due to the overwhelming success of the UK Office, which was opened in June 2002.

Free orbital welding training

Orbimatic GMBH is offering an orbital welding course to anybody who has an interest in Orbital Welding in the UK.