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Dragados takes third Cantarell contract

Dragados Offshore, part of the Spanish Dragados group, has won its third contract this year at the Cantarell (Campeche) oil field in Mexico.

Bluewater wins contract for offshore facilities

Soekor E & P (Pty) Ltd, Parow, South Africa, and its partners Pioneer Natural Resources South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Petroleum Ltd have awarded Bluewater (UK) Ltd a contract for the production facilities for Sable field, in the Bredasdorp basin off South Africa.

Alloy integrated fluid system solution

A challenge posed by the oil and gas industry and an ambitious product development relationship between Sandvik Steel AB and Swagelok Company has led to a new SAF 2507 alloy integrated fluid system solution that performs in highly corrosive, chloride-containing environments, such as oil and gas exploration and production activities.

BP to invest USD 8–9 billion in Azerbaijan

BP plans to invest USD 8–9 billion in Azerbaijan in the next four years, the head of the company’s Azeri operations said.