Tag: laser cutting

Mazak unveils FG-400 NEO

Mazak releases a new model in the FG 3D laser cutting machine series. The FG-400 NEO is an all-in-one solution designed for maximum productivity...

Citizen Machinery: combined laser cutting and turning

Citizen Machinery recently demonstrated its Cincom L12‐VIILFV sliding-head lathe with integral laser cutting capability.

Nova Metale announces its investment plans

Nova Metale has announced its investment plans. The company will expand its equipment resources with two new machines for laser cutting of stainless steel and aluminum sheets in November this year.

Brown McFarlane introduces laser cutting

The new BySprint Pro offers an exciting range of new technologies that the company will now be able to offer to customers.

Servo-electric punch press gains laser capability

A laser cutting facility has been added to the Finn-Power E all-electric punch press, available in the UK through sole agent, Press & Shear Machinery, Tamworth.

LSA acquires Oeuvre Technology

LSA Laser Services and Automation (Plymouth, Minnesota, USA) has completed its acquisition of Oeuvre Technology, a precision parts manufacturer also located in Plymouth.

Nitrogen generators facilitate laser cutting

Italfilo Eng., a member of Messer's Advanced Gas Systems division, has introduced its N-series of PSA nitrogen generators, which can be used to supply gas for laser cutting applications.

Laser cutting

Rolled Alloys is now offering Laser cutting as part of its processing capabilities.