Achieving ASTM G48 Corrosion test at 40°C on super duplex

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing allows 3D-printing of large objects at less expense and in a far shorter time. After years of extensive research, commercialization has begun, and heavy industry is set to be transformed.

Sandmeyer adds Titanium Grade 2/2H to NAs inventory

Sandmeyer Titanium Grade 2/2H (UNS R50400) plate is a real “workhorseâ€? for industrial applications. It combines a low density and high strength-to-weight ratio with outstanding corrosion resistance over a wide range of service applications and industries.

Upitis honored with Founding Committee Award by ASTM

Elmar Upitis, an engineering consultant, was honored with the Founding Committee Award by ASTM International’s committee on steel, stainless steel and related alloys (A01).

Proposed ASTM specification to help engineers

ASTM International group has recently declared that it is creating a consolidated reference guide for engineers and consultants who want to use stainless steel in transportation and construction projects.

New ASTM helps 3D print stainless steel alloys

The newly introduced ASTM International standard will help manufacturers and buyers who want to use 3D-printed stainless steel alloys, which can be made more quickly than through traditional methods.

MMFX ChrŠ?mX meets expanded ASTM A1035 specification

ASTM International recently expanded its A1035 specification to include several steel chemistry compositions. With this new specification, scheduled to be published mid-July, engineers can clearly designate the mechanical properties needed to meet their design and owner requirements by calling for ASTM A1035 CL, CM or CS.

ASTM standard now cover bolting

ASTM International standard presently covers bolting used in the oil & gas industries for offshore drilling platforms, sour gas service, in expanders and compressors in pipeline service, in power generation facilities and in heat exchanger and cryogenic applications.

Titanium and Hastelloy bar in stock in Nijkerk

Hart BV (The Netherlands) had added round bar in Hastelloy C276 & C22 and titanium grade 2 to its stocks in response to market needs.

UK source for pipes

The production facilities for the manufacture of specialist formed and welded pipes previously supplied by Bentham International have been taken over by the Angle Ring Co. Ltd (Tipton, UK).

Valve for extreme temperatures

An extended bonnet globe control valve which is designed to operate in applications where temperatures are in the cryogenic range (down to –268ºC), is one of a range of control valves available from Pump Engineering Ltd.