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Aperam launches Aperam infinite™

Aperam launches its new sustainability brand for all its near-zero* footprint premium products, related services and solutions – Aperam infinite.™

GWO – A gateway to water challenges

The establishment of the Global Water Organization underscores the Kingdom's commitment to the sustainability of global water resources.

Outokumpu & Nordic Steel collaboration

Outokumpu is partnering with Nordic Steel to introduce sustainable stainless steel in Norway. Outokumpu’s Circle Green is the world’s most sustainable stainless steel with...

KHS strengthens its commitment to sustainability

The KHS Group presents its extensive commitment to sustainability. The key focus is on the steps taken to reach net zero by 2045.

Study shows 95% of stainless steels are recycled

Study shows 95% of stainless steels are recycled

Outokumpu enters the metal powder business

Outokumpu is entering the metal powder business for additive manufacturing. The Finnish manufacturer opened a new atomisation plant in Germany in April.

Outokumpu initiative to strengthen circular economy

Outokumpu is launching a new circularity initiative, Outokumpu Inner Circle, to strengthen the circular economy in Europe. The initiative will bring transparency to supply...

RTIT starts BlueSmelting demo plant in Quebec

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium (RTIT) has started its BlueSmelting demonstration plant at its metallurgical compete in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. The plant will validate the...

Alleima and MYKITA recycle steel from eyewear production

Alleima and MYKITA recycle steel from eyewear production – now a full circle operation Eyewear brand MYKITA, and material technology steel maker Alleima, have...

Outokumpu: pioneering sustainable stainless steel with Circle Green

Outokumpu is pioneering the production of emission-minimised stainless steel in the global market.