Production of titanium rod in the process of alloying

The operation of adjusting the composition of titanium alloy in the process of making titanium rod is called alloying. In a modern electric furnace, titanium rod alloying is usually finished in the titanium bag during the process of producing titanium, while the alloying in the titanium bag is pre-alloyed, and the accurate adjustment of alloy composition is finished in the furnace. Alloying operation mainly refers to the time and quantity of alloy participation.

Alloy participation time. The general principle of metallurgical engineering participation in ferroalloy is elements with a high melting point and not easy to oxidize can be added early. Low melting point, easy to oxidize late participation, such as iron boron to participate in the titanium package in the titanium process, the recovery rate is only about 50%.

Number of participants. The chemical composition of metallurgical engineering has a great influence on the quality and function of titanium. The alloy participation amount can be calculated quickly and accurately on site according to the type of titanium rod, liquid amount of titanium in the furnace, composition in the furnace, alloy composition, and alloy yield.

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